ICE 2019 – Looking to the Future of Payments

ICE Totally Gaming is the leading international event in the global gaming sector with over 33,000 attendees and 8,500 operators representing 150 countries.

Ofer Carmel, CEO of Bm2Pay, who attended the conference in London last week (February 5-7) with two other company representatives, spoke of new trends developing within the volatile gaming industry. “Privacy issues continue to challenge high-risk industries. It is clear to all the parties involved that regulation is needed to mitigate risk and ensure user privacy. This central issue is being addressed by the relevant authorities and merchants alike.”

Payments are also a major concern, with large enterprises focusing on the need for global payment solutions rather than regional ones. With the growing popularity of mobile phone usage, gaming providers are concerned with acquiring secure in-app payment options.

Ofer Carmel adds, “I believe payment methods are changing to meet evolving payment needs, and we will see new options soon. For example, the use of vouchers for immediate debiting is becoming increasingly popular. Bm2Pay is constantly monitoring developing payment needs worldwide in order to provide the most innovative solutions for every industry at each global market.”   



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