Optimal Services for Seamless Payments
Our unique payments platform offers a wide range of features designed to meet the payment needs of any business. Whether your enterprise is high or low risk, large or small, online or in-store, we will customize the best package of services to optimize your payment processes at every location.
Based on machine learning, our end-to-end platform dynamically creates the optimal payment solutions for your enterprise’s specific needs every step of the way. As you scale to new markets, we seek out the very best payment options to maximize performances.

 At Bm2Pay, we regard our merchants as long-term partners. We accompany our merchants throughout their payment journeys, constantly providing new solutions and innovations as they become available.

Gateway services

Gain control of your payments

Bm2Pay’s payment gateway connects you to an extensive network of global banks, processors and acquirers through a single integration. We constantly work to optimize your payment performances and cut costs, leaving you to concentrate on what really matters – your business.


Cross-border payments

Accept payments seamlessly

When expanding to new markets your payments become increasingly complex. You find yourself facing spiraling costs, rising decline rates, high chargeback ratios and growing fraud risks.

Credit card processing

Let your customers choose

Your customers need to be able to make payments any way they choose. We enable you to offer the best online payment options at every location. In some areas, international credit cards are preferred, while at others, consumers opt for local credit cards.

Recurring payments

Keep track of recurring payments

One of the factors that makes an industry high risk is the fact that its billing system is based on recurring payments. We provide advanced features that enable you to monitor all of your payment models and pinpoint anomalies.

End-to-end payment capabilities anywhere, anytime.