Secure Payments for Every Industry

Many online businesses - including those in low-risk industries such as online apparel, software development, senior care, direct sales, home goods and office supplies - face a wide range of payments challenges including spiralling costs, increased decline rates, greater fraud risks and low conversion rates when scaling to global markets.

When are industries defined as high risk?

Industries may be defined as high risk if they offer:

We excel in helping all industries achieve their full payment potential, even if they are high risk. Using advanced fraud management capabilities and other security tools, the Bm2Pay platform ensures safe payment processes from end to end in every area.

High risk industries - which include travel, hospitality, gaming, adult entertainment, online gambling, dating services, legal services and other areas - face additional difficulties. Many banks, service providers and payment processors consider them too risky to work with. Thus, merchants may be forced to deal with very strict conditions and less desirable terms of high-risk credit card processors.

End-to-end payment capabilities anywhere, anytime.