Happy Holidays for Retailers and Customers

Holidays are the best times to arouse interest in your products, lure in purchasers, and make special offers. But why wait for major holidays to attract customers?

Here are several upcoming holidays that intrepid retailers can use to attract new customers and reconnect with return buyers:

August 26 – National Dog Day

Founded by Colleen Paige in 2004, Dog Day was originally conceived as a day to show appreciation for service dogs and draw attention to the plight of abused dogs. Today, many Millennials have pet dogs. This is a day that dog owners will go out to buy sweaters and new toys for their pets, so retailers with pet stores and online doggie products should advertise special sales on their websites and social media well in advance. 

September 8 – National Grandparents Day

Recognized as a US holiday since 1973, National Grandparents Day is a time to pay respect to grandparents, recognize the impact of the elderly on the lives of the young, and enable grandparents to lavish love on their grandchildren. This day is celebrated in many countries worldwide, though not on the same date.

Retailers may take advantage of this day by offering discounts on a variety of gifts for the elderly.  Some people throw parties for their grandparents, so discounts on cakes, favorite foods and decorated paper products are in order. Flower arrangements are also popular gifts. 

September 29 – National Coffee Day

Coffee Day is celebrated all over the world. Many businesses offer free coffee on this day and pass coupons for free or reduced cups of coffee. This is the day to buy yourself or other coffee lovers their favorite beans. 

Coffee shop and restaurant owners can offer special discounts on meals accompanied by coffee, and an array of exotic types of coffee at holiday rates. 

 October 3 – National Boyfriend Day

While National Boyfriend Day is not an official holiday, you’ll be relieved to learn that it has a counterpart (Girlfriend Day) on August 1. This is a day to cherish one’s significant other. 

A wide range of retailers can take advantage of this holiday by offering special gifts for men, both young and old. Whether the guy’s dream gift is a fishing rod or a cool electronic gadget, advertise your special gift choices in advance in-store, online and via social media.

October 29 – National Cat Day

Not to leave the felines out, Colleen Paige created National Cat Day in 2005. This day advocates animal welfare and celebrates the love cats and humans have shared for centuries.

This is a perfect opportunity for pet-shop retailers to offer treats and toys for cats. Cat owners can have a portrait taken of their cat and buy them special meals to celebrate. Creative retailers can offer sales on other products for cat lovers, from new beds to soft blankets and special pillows. 

Cause for Celebration

There are several well-known holidays just around the corner like Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But by celebrating and commemorating minor holidays on your website and in your physical store, you are connecting with your customers, keeping them involved, and bringing them back for more.


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