Start the Countdown for Your 2019/2020 Holiday Season Campaign

Yes, it’s still hot and sticky in many places, but it’s already time to start planning your marketing strategy for the 2019/2020 winter holiday season.

How can you plan an e-commerce campaign that will make you stand out and attract both new and veteran shoppers to your brand? 

Review last year’s campaign and check out the competition 

Take a good look at last year’s marketing activities and analyze which were the most successful techniques. Did your email campaign bring in new interest? Which social media platform was most successful? Were buyers responsive to special offers and coupons?

A good way to get innovative ideas is to check out your competitors. What did they offer last year? Did they come up with special strategies to arouse increased interest in their brand? 

Time your campaign carefully

First you must determine the basic concept of your campaign. Think about your message and what you are trying to achieve. Then go into the timing, such as the dates when certain products will be promoted, as well as which social media platform you will be using and when (including Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube videos, Facebook, etc). Consider whether you want to add influencers and/or giveaways and contests to the mix. Determine when it is best to add seasonal Google Ad campaigns.

Start posting teasers as early as September and plan your posts carefully so that you build up anticipation and lead gradually up to your special surprises as the holidays grow nearer. 

Add one-time offers and surprise elements

When holding a contest, offer super prizes like a candlelit dinner for two, a romantic couple’s spa day, or bungee jumping for those who love competitive sports, depending on the age and entertainment preferences of your target audience. Create a “mystery box” that includes a random selection of your most popular products worth more than the price you are charging. 

Spoil your loyalty club members by offering a grand giveaway right before the holidays in addition to seasonal discounts and special, one-time offers. Create a sense of expectation and excitement to keep your audience riveted.

Use personalized content, creative videos and exciting pictures

Buyers are not interested in reading lengthy, general content. In order to engage customers you must deliver customized messages that prove your brand’s interest in them as well as providing a solution to their personal problem. 

Make a range of innovative videos, from “how tos” to new product showcasing, to customer testimonials. Create a series of clever Instagram stories and upload a variety of exciting pictures to pique curiosity and interest. Come up with a creative holiday theme such as nostalgia, new year resolutions, lifestyle changes, social responsibility or collections. Build on them to create a productive, long-term bond with prospective customers.

Think outside-of-the-box

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination go a bit wild when it comes to holiday campaigns. To snag weary consumers’ interest, you need to stand out. Try some exciting new stuff related to unique content, humor, surprises and prizes, and see how it all goes down. May the force be with you!

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